The Religieuse


The religieuse (“nun” in French - because of the resemblance to a nun in a habit) reportedly originated in the mid-nineteenth century, as did many other pastries made from pâte à choux, like the éclair. The pastry batter itself has a much longer history. The first iteration of the batter was invented in 1540 by Panterelli, the Florentine chef of the Florentine queen of France, Catherine de’ Medici. Over time different pastry chefs refined the recipe. Here is our version. We hope you will enjoy it.

The Religieuse by Cacao Barry


50 g Whole Milk - 115 g Water - 4 g Caster sugar - 2 g Fleur de Sel ( French Sea Salt ) - 66 g Charentais butter A.O.C.

110 g T45 Flour

Add in (half at a time)
165 g Eggs

Pipe 15 bases and 15 tops.
Heat the oven to 270°C then immediately turn down to 165°C and cook.


30 g Fresh butter - 30 g Flour - 30 g Icing sugar

Roll out the dough (3mm thick) and cut out circles (30mm Ø).
Place one on top of each base cream puff and bake at 180°C (356°F) for 30-45 mn.


Prepare a pastry cream
350 g Raspberry puree - 40 g Egg yolks - 20 g Caster sugar - 10 g Custard powder - 20 g Fresh butter

Pour over
30 g ZéphyrTM white chocolate - 10 g Mycryo® Cocoa butter

Cool down quickly.
Mix before filling the chou.


Cook at 40°C (104°C)
122 g Mara des bois puree

Add the following mix
3 g Yellow pectin - 13 g Caster sugar

Add in (a third at a time)
130 g Caster sugar - 30 g Glucose

Cook at 76° Brix or 108°C

Remove from the oven and add 1,5 g Tartaric acid

Pour into a Flexipan® mould 5mm thick.


Mix and heat at 50°C
125 g Strawberry puree - 19 g Caster sugar - 3 g Alginate - 1 g Xanthan gum

Let it rest in the fridge and mix before using.
Add 50 g Diced Mara des bois strawberries


Glaze the choux with some red coloured fondant.