Summer in the kitchen of Lauden chocolates


After a look into the pastry kitchen of the South-Tyrolian superchef Andreas Acherer, who shared his summer news with us last week, let’s return to UK, this time to Leeds, to see what’s new for the Trigg couple of Lauden Chocolate.

How does summer look in your pastry kitchen?

Busy! We are due back on menu with British Airways First Class any day now so we are gearing up for supply. We also have some new restaurant customers and we are creating new flavours of chocolates for them. An interesting one is made with the fruit Sea Buckthorn for a Nordic restaurant.

How is your summer collection 2017?

Our new collection is based mainly on infused and delicate ganache centers and pralines made in house. Everything from toasted pecan praline to Earl Grey tea! You can see some of them on our Instagram account:

What is your favourite summer combination with chocolate?

My favourite is absolutely our Yuzu ganache that has just won Gold from the Academy of Chocolate awards! It is so refreshing with a nice chocolate finish!

Also we took lots of chocolates to a recent business event and the feedback on our pure origin chocolate bars was fantastic. The current warm weather allows the chocolate to melt quicker and thus the flavours and characteristics really come out on the pallet!

Did you create some dessert based on that combination also for this summer season?

No we have been working exclusively on bon bons this summer

Which Cacao Barry chocolate is the greatest star in your pastry kitchen this summer and why?

The Tanzania 75% origin chocolate - it is just wonderful! A beautiful balance of acidity and intense cocoa. We made a ganache based solely on this chocolate and it has gone down very well with some restaurant customers taking supply immediately. It also won Silver at this year’s Academy of Chocolate Awards.

Have you tried also some more unusual combinations this season?

Yes we made a water infused rosemary ganache as part of the new collection. The piney flavor combined with the Tanzania dark chocolate is really beautiful.

Autumn will be here soon. Are you already planning your autumn collection?

We are about to add an enrobing line so looking at a new collection of flavours and layered chocolates. Nothing decided yet….

Which ingredients are you looking forward to combining with chocolate in autumn?

We are just starting to white board ideas at the moment, then we will narrow down the flavours we like and think will work well.

Do you have any other news to share with our readers?

We have been shortlisted for best producer in the confectionary category at the Great British Food Award for 2017! Fingers crossed for the results in October! We were also very pleased to win Gold and 4 Silvers at this year’s Academy of Chocolate Awards!