Summer with Ririn Biggs


Ririn has created her last pastry collection for the St Ermin’s hotel in Westminster and is heading towards new challenges. How is this summer looking in her pastry kitchen?

You are leaving your current position soon, what is awaiting you next?

Yes I am leaving my current job, I will be moving to Lensbury Hotel Resort, London, as head pastry chef. It’s going to be a new challenge for me, I will be doing more outlet pastry this time, where I can be creative with my new ideas.

What are you looking forward to most?

I will be working outside of busy central London. I am looking forward to experiencing what it’s like to work on the outskirts and still have the same challenges that central London offers.

What is your summer collection 2017?

My summer collection is very simple as I am a very simple person. I use whatever ingredients I can get or what I have around me. My favourite is to mix and match.

What is your favourite summer combination with chocolate?

In my new collection I use Cacao Barry white Chocolate Zephyr infused with freshly squeeze lemon juice, it’s a very nice combination, the texture of the Zephyr is just so smooth and with the lemon it’s very refreshing. A candied lemon crisps accompanies it. 

Did you create some desserts based on that combination for this summer season?

I have created some chocolate desserts where I use Cacao Barry Alunga combined with Cacao Barry 55% Excellence with fresh raspberry gel and raspberry sorbet.

Which Cacao Barry chocolate is the greatest star in your pastry kitchen this summer and why?

Oh that will be Cacao Barry Zephyr, I love to use this chocolate.

Have you tried also some more unusual combinations this season?

Not really but I have created a white Chocolate dessert where I am using white chocolate and coconut parfait with rum tapioca pearls

Autumn will be here soon. Are you already planning your autumn collection?

No I haven’t got any plans yet, I am just waiting until I start at my new work place

Which ingredients are you looking forward to combining with chocolate in autumn?

I would like to use Orange and chocolate but I haven’t decided yet, I will keep you posted


Do you have any other news to share with our readers?

I would just  like everyone to know that I will be moving to Lensbury Hotel Resort and I will keep everyone posted for anything new about my collection