Sunshine by Shigeo Hirai, Executive Chef and Owner of L’Avenue - Japan

Enjoy the sunshine beautifully captured in this lovely recipe by the Japanese pastry master Shigeo Hirai.

Sunshine by Shigeo Hirai. Photo: Cacao Barry


- Zéphyr™ 34% white chocolate
Alunga™ 41% milk chocolate couverture


Recipe for 12 glasses (110 cc).


Zéphyr™ white chocolate and exotic fruits cream

1 piece = 35 g

176 g of Zéphyr™ white chocolate - 78 g of passion fruit puree - 39 g of mango puree - 44 g of invert sugar - 6.3 g of gelatin powder - 31.5 g of water for hydration - 25 g of Cointreau - 440 g of whipping cream 35% fat

Add warm puree, invert sugar into melted Zéphyr™ white chocolate and mix. Add soaked gelatin. Add Cointreau and cold cream. Pour into glasses, leave in the fridge.


Pineapple compote

1 piece=50 g

-170 g of coconut puree - 75 g of mango puree - 25 g of lime puree - S.Q. of orange zest - 84 g of caster sugar - 1.7 g of NH pectin - 10 g of cocoa liqueur - 250 g of pineapple - 125 g of mango - 340 g of orange zest

Heat the puree, orange zest, sugar and pectin to 40°C and boil. Add 6 mm diced pineapple and cook. Add diced mango (1 cm) then stop cooking. Cool a bit, add liqueur and cut orange (around 1.5 cm ). Pour into the glass on top of the Zéphyr™ white chocolate.



Alunga™ chantilly

1 piece=20 g

-100 g of whipping cream 35% fat - 15 g of glucose - 15 g of invert sugar - 100 g of Alunga™ milk chocolate couverture - 205 g of whipping cream 35% fat

Boil cream, glucose syrup and invert sugar. Pour over Alunga™ milk chocolate couverture and make a ganache. Add the cold cream and then put  in the fridge for at least 8 hours. Whip up the ganache and pipe on top of the compote.



100 g of icing sugar - 100 g of fresh butter - 100 g of flour - 100 g of ground almonds

Mix soft butter and icing sugar. Add flour, almond flour and make a crumble. Bake at 160°C for 20



Pour at the bottom of each glass the Zéphyr™ white chocolate and exotic fruits cream. Add the pineapple compote. Leave to set. Pipe the Alunga™ chantilly bulbs on the pineapple compote. Spread crumble on top of the glass then sprinkle with icing sugar and decorate.