The Zephyr tart by Domenico Camporeale


Enjoy the lovely summer flavours in this beautiful tart by Domenico Camporeale made of hazelnut crumble, lemon marmelade, Zephyr Caramel sponge, exotic Zephyr Caramel mousse and Zephyr Caramel chocolate glaze decorated with Gure de Cacao and fresh raspberries.


150g butter 82% MG
150g demerara sugar
150g flour t55
150g roasted hazelnut flour

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and leave to cool down in blast fridge. Cook at 170°C for 15 minutes.

600g hazelnut crumble
200g zephyr caramel chocolate 35%
15g demerara sugar

Melt the chocolate and temper, mix with the other ingredients and make a mould (450g for mould). Leave to crystallized before use.


200g  lemon ( cut into quarters and remove seeds. Boil for 3 minutes to remove the bitterness)
50g lemon zest
50g lemon juice
180g demerara sugar
100g water
20g sugar
2g yellow pectin

Bring to boil the first 5 ingredients , add the pectin mix with the rest of sugar and heat to 108°C.
Pour into a jar and allow to cool.


250g butter
180g almond powder
90g muscovado
200g eggs
120g egg yolk
80g caramel pieces
180g egg white
90g sugar
180g flour
250g Cacao Barry Héritage Zéphyr Caramel chocolate

Mix by robot-coupe the first 6 ingredients, carefully add the whipped egg white, then the sugar, flour and the melted chocolate. Spread in an 800g tray and bake at 200°C for around 8 minutes.


100g mango puree
50g passion fruit puree
50g pineapple puree
100g banana puree
9g gelatin
510g Cacao Barry Héritage Zéphyr caramel chocolate
600g whipped cream

Warm the first 4 ingredients to 70°C, add the gelatin and melt. Melt the chocolate at 40°C and pour the first mixture into the chocolate in three stages until you have a nice texture. At 35°C add the whipped cream, fill the ring and top with caramel sponge.


200g cream
100g sugar
100g glucose
6g gelatin
100g Cacao Barry Héritage Zéphyr caramel chocolate

Bring to 70°C the first 3 ingredients and add the gelatin, pour on the chocolate and mix by blender. Leave to crystallized for overnight. Warm at 30°C and filter before use.



Glaze the mousse, spread the lemon  marmaladeon the hazelnut crumble and settle the mousse on top.
Decorate with fresh raspberry and chocolate decoration with grue de cacao on top.