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Nuts unveil an infinite world of creative possibilities for chefs. The mastering of nut-based culinary art is one of unlimited combinations of flavors and textures, bringing new tastes to the table. How can chefs crack the nuts code and realize their full potential? We endeavor to help chefs by joining them on a journey to excellence. We offer 13 products and segmented recipes to guide them into fully reaching the Nuts potential. “Cracking the Nuts code” reflects the perpetual search for reinventing the classics with the purest and freshest nuts collection. 

Fastidiously selected for size, provenance and purpose, and 100% Mediterranean in origin, our ‘nut’ journey begins out in the fields with the experts. The quest for a sustainable process is unyielding. Our almonds are pollinated by local bees, our hazelnuts by the mistral wind. The orchards are irrigated with water collected using traditional methods to reduce waste. Fresh from the branches, our nuts are cracked on site to lock in all their natural flavour. Carefully harvested and handled, they are processed, plantation to plate, with an equal dose of passion and state of the art technology. Cleaned and sorted, blanched or skinned, every variety is unique in preparation. With trained eyes and a dextrous touch, our nuts are hand roasted with practiced precision to release unique depths of flavor.

Once dehydrated, lighter in weight, and newly fragile, our toasted nuts are chopped to measure and carefully sieved. Some of our nuts are caramelised with the finest, molten sugars; all are carefully cooled to preserve the crunch. Our nuts are then transformed into the smoothest pralines, precision chopped for texture, or kept entirely whole. Each process gives the chef a different palette with which they expand their creativity

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The new and optimized collection is bolder and simpler: 13 products, totally new or adapted from our previous range, regrouped in 5 categories: Pure paste, Praliné à l’ancienne, Praliné onctueux caramelized, Praliné onctueux gout pure fruit and “les sablages caramélisés.”


Cacao Barry offers you a range of creative possibilities with this pure and intense range. Discover creative recipes and basic recipes revisited with our 100% Mediterranean nuts products.

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