Shop Window Egg 50 cm Cacao collective mould

Shop Window Egg mould

To complete our Cacao Collective Range, discover this new Egg mould of 50 cm high, the first Cacao Barry mould designed specifically for shop window presentation.
Created by Chef Philippe Bertrand, Director of the Chocolate Academy™ of Paris and Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier Confiseur.

Reference : MLD-090645-M00
Box number : 304

Dimensions of the egg* : H 500 x L 307.8 mm
Weight of the egg* : 2.8 kg - 3.2 kg
*Once moulded

Dimensions of the plate : H 553 x 359.6 mm
Nb of impressions/plate : 1
Nb of plates/box : 2

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