The chocolate energy bar

"The bike portion of the race is a great time to provide the body with solid energy sources that introduce different flavors and textures during the race. This helps racers prevent tiring of the same products for several hours which can lead to avoidance of fuel altogether! This "Chocolate Energy Bar" provides not only a nice mouthful and chocolaty goodness, but also a great combination of calories, coming mainly from carbohydrate (a variety of sources: honey, oats, chocolate, agave syrup), with only a small amount of fat and protein. The body requires high amounts of carbohydrate during racing, and this bar delivers this. A touch of sea salt increases the sodium content for electrolyte eplenishment. This bar will be just the perfect tasty break you need from your other race products.
The bar has a light fluffy texture for an easy consumption during constant effort." Jérôme Landrieu

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