Inaya and mango entremet by Mark Tilling

Even if you are not a food professional the name of Mark Tilling should be known to you. This excellent pastry chef and chocolatier was the winning star of the first edition of Bake Off Crème de la Crème as well the winner of two editions of UK Chocolate Masters. We are glad to share with you Mark's delicious brand new recipe.

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Inaya and mango entremet by Mark Tilling

Hazelnut sponge

55g icing sugar
55g ground hazelnuts
45g whole eggs
30g yolks
95g egg whites
35g caster sugar
Pinch of salt
45g plain flour
30g butter, melted

1.    Preheat the oven to 190˚C.
2.    In a standing mixer with a beater attachment, beat the icing sugar, ground hazelnuts, whole eggs and egg yolks to a paste.
3.    In a separate bowl whip the egg whites, caster sugar and salt together to make a meringue.
4.    Fold the meringue into the nut paste, then fold in the sifted flour.  Before the mixture is fully blended, pour in the melted butter.
5.    Gently spread the mixture into a tray with a silicon mat or silicon paper to smooth it.  Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes.
6.    Remove from the oven and place it upside down on a sheet of baking parchment. Cut out the larger ring from the red cutter in the Symphony Silikomart Mould kit.

Mango jelly

125g mango purée
75g sugar
6g gelatine leafs
1 teaspoon cornflour

1. Heat the purée, sugar and cornflour to boiling.
2. Simmer for 1 minute to cook out cornflour, remove from heat and add soaked gelatine.
3. Pour into 18cm - 20cm ring and freeze. Make two of these and keep frozen.

Ghana cremeux

250g Cocoa Barry Ghana milk chocolate
50g sugar
40g yolks
50g whole eggs
240g whipping cream semi whipped

1. Mix the sugar, whole eggs and yolks together and heat slowly in the microwave just so it's warm.
2. Place in a mixer and using a whisk, whisk until light, fluffy and thick.
3. Melt the chocolate to 38°C and then add a small amount of the egg mix. When incorporated add and fold in the rest.
4. Fold in the semi whipped cream.
5. Fill the inner doughnut ring from the Flame Silikomart Mould Kit, set half way and then place in the fridge to set. Once set, place in the frozen mango double jelly ring, fill with the remaining mousse and freeze.

Inaya chocolate mousse

75g sugar syrup
50g egg yolk
140g Cocoa Barry Inaya dark chocolate
200g whipping cream
75g mango purée

1. Heat the sugar syrup slightly, then add the yolks and whisk to a thick fluffy meringue.
2. Heat the chocolate to 38°C and then fold in a small amount of the egg mix. Fold in the rest until all incorporated.
3. Whip the cream and purée together until semi whipped, then fold a small amount of it into the chocolate mix, fold in the rest until all incorporated.
4. Place a small amount into the outer Symphony Silikomart mould and using a brush, brush the sides of the mould.
5. Fill the mousse half way then place in fridge to set.
6. When set, place in the frozen Ghana mousse, fill up with the rest of the mousse, then freeze overnight.

Mango cream

200g mango purée
215g whipping cream
95g sugar
140g yolks
42g rehydrated gelatine
½ teaspoon vanilla pod

1. Heat the cream, vanilla seeds and mango purée.
2. Whisk egg yolks and sugar together and with the hot cream make a creme patisserie
3. Add the gelatine, cool slightly then fill to the top of the top ring in the Symphony Silikomart Mould kit and freeze.

Cocoa butter spray

100g cocoa butter
100g dark chocolate
Black food dust

1. Melt all ingredients together to 32°C.
2. Pass through a fine mesh, place in warmed spray gun and spray on frozen dark chocolate mousse.


75g  Water
150g  Caster sugar
150g  Glucose
100g  Condensed milk
4 of leafs gelatine in 69g water
150g White chocolate
Yellow colour

1.      Hydrate the gelatine in the water.
2.      Heat sugar, milk, and glucose to 103°C.
3.      Add gelatine and when melted use a hand blender and blend in the white chocolate and colour, set overnight in the fridge.
4.      Heat to 35-40°C.
5.      Place the mango cream on a wire rack and pour the glaze over the top, as soon as the glaze stops dripping use a palette knife to lift it off the rack and onto the top of the Inaya mousse.

Inaya and mango entremet by Mark Tilling