CHUKI with maple syrup, curry & pineapple

CHUKI with maple syrup, curry & pineapple

Inspirations: A variation of Makizushi (sushi rolls) in a sweet form. Japanese Makizushi also follows trends based on their (vegetarian - sweet) variations. Using a Panini grill as a new way of baking cream puff dough, I obtained a thin layer of pastry as a result. It appeared obvious to me to roll this sheet similarly to how maki are rolled. The flavours are based on maple and curry, which have the same molecular properties and thus complement each other perfectly. 

Choux paste – cream puff

Used products: Choux paste – cream puff

  • 125 g
  • 125 g
  • 5 g
  • 110 g
  • 135 g
  • 200 g

Preparation: Choux paste – cream puff

Sift the flour.
Bring the water, sugar, salt, and butter to the boil.
Add in the flour and then cook out the paste.
Put the choux paste into a mixer with a flat paddle and gradually add the eggs.
Put the choux paste in to a piping bag with a yule log nozzle.
Pipe out a long strips of the paste directly onto the Panini maker and cook for approx. 3min each side.
Cool down and then cut the stripes to 9.5cm long and 2.5cm wide.

Maple cream

Used products: Maple cream

Preparation: Maple cream

Heat the maple syrup and reduce by 50% cool it down by adding in the cream.
Heat the milk and add in the rehydrated gelatine.
Then pour it on the white chocolate and curry powder and mix.
To finish: pour onto the maple syrup reduction, and mix in 140g of cream.
Let it cool and then whisk in the mixer.

Pineapple marmalade

Used products: Pineapple marmalade

  • 100 g
  • 700 g
    Pineapple brunoise
  • 10 g
    potato flour
  • 40 g
  • 1 pod(s)

Preparation: Pineapple marmalade

Mix the brunoise and sugar with the vanilla and then let the mixture simmer until the water has completely evaporated.
When the brunoise is translucent, add the water and starch.

Roasted buckwheat crunch

Preparation: Roasted buckwheat crunch

Melt the chocolate, cocoa butter and, anhydrous butter to 45°C and then crystallize the mixture.
Add the roasted buckwheat and salt and then spread on a sheet. 

White chocolate curry chantilly cream

Used products: White chocolate curry chantilly cream

Preparation: White chocolate curry chantilly cream

Boil the 200g of cream with the glucose and Trimoline.
Pour on the white chocolate and the curry powder.
Add the 300g of cream to the mixture and blend.
Set aside in the refrigerator and whip before serving.

Shortbread for base

Used products: Shortbread for base

  • 275 g
  • 180 g
  • 110 g
  • 1 g
  • 50 g

Preparation: Shortbread for base

In a food processor, sieve the flour and butter.
Add the almond flour, sugar, salt and then add the eggs.
When the dough is smooth, set aside in a fridge.
When the dough is cold enough, roll it to 2 mm thick and cut 4cm circles with cutters.
Set aside in the fridge, then cook at 160°C for approximately 15 minutes.


Cut out a 2cm ring out of the crusty buckwheat for the base of the Chuki.
Cut the strips of choux pastry and put them around the inside of the small rings.
Whisk the maple curry cream and pipe the mixture into half of the small rings.
Pipe the pineapple marmalade into the center and seal with the maple curry cream. 
Set aside in the freezer.


Spray the small, frozen Chuki in order to create a velvet effect.
Place it on a Ø4 cm base of shortbread.
Whisk the white chocolate curry chantilly cream and make a small rosette in order to place a little choux on top of it.
Dust with curry powder and place a pineapple marmalade cube on it.