Planted city 20.25

Planted city 20.25


Sesame Crunch

Preparation: Sesame Crunch

Melt Cacao Barry - Lactée Supérieure and Cacao Barry - Mycryo®cocoa butter.

Add sesame paste and Cacao Barry - Praliné 65% Héritage Almonds Hazelnuts.

Mix all remaining ingredients.

Roll out between two chocolate sheets and cut out 1,2 cm circles.

Tangerine Jelly

Used products: Tangerine Jelly

  • 2 g
    NH pectin
  • 40 g
    granulated sugar
  • 1 g
    ascorbic acid
  • 12 g
  • 116 g
    Tangerine puree
  • 4 g
    Tangerine zest

Preparation: Tangerine Jelly

Mix pectin NH, granulated sugar and ascorbic acid.

Soak gelatin in cold water for five minutes.

Boil up puree, zest and dry ingredients.

Add gelatin to the hot mixture, put it in a frame and cool it down.

Cut out 1,2 cm circles.

Cashews - Tonka Bean - Jasmine Tea Ganache

Used products: Cashews - Tonka Bean - Jasmine Tea Ganache

Preparation: Cashews - Tonka Bean - Jasmine Tea Ganache

Boil up cream, glucose syrup, flowerhoney, tonka bean and jasmine tea.

Strain the mixture, pour over cashews and mix it well.

Melt Cacao Barry - Lactée Supérieure 38% and Cacao Barry - Mycryo® cocoa butter.

Mix all ingredients and make an emulsion.


Used products: Assembly

Preparation: Assembly

Spray a thin layer of green cocoa butter at 26° C into the moulds and repeat this with the silver and white cocoa butter.

Temper Lactée Supérieure 38% and mold it into trays.

Fill it with sesame crunch, jelly and ganache and leave it for crystallization at 6° C for 30 minutes.

Close it with a thin layer of chocolate.