Recipe for 3 cakes


Used products: Marmalade

  • 420 g
    Orange blanched pulp
  • 210 g
    peach puree
  • 210 g
    mandarin puree
  • 2 g
    Vanilla pod
  • 4 g
    yellow pectin
  • 196 g
    caster sugar
  • 4 g
    Acid citric solution

Preparation: Marmalade

Heat orange blanched pulp, peach puree and mandarin puree. Add and mix in vnailla pod. Cook yellow pectin, caster sugar until 76°C. Then add acid citric solution. Let it cool and keep in cooler.

Gluten Free Molleaux

Used products: Gluten Free Molleaux

Preparation: Gluten Free Molleaux

Melt butter and Cacao Barry chocolate. Add and mix eggs, almond powder, almond paste, icing sugar, orange peel and candied orange peel. Mix to obtain a homogenous texture.Fill the molds and cook at 180°C for 30 minutes. Let it cool, unmold. Keep it in freezer.

Ghana chesnut cream

Used products: Ghana chesnut cream

Preparation: Ghana chesnut cream

Heat and melt chestnut puree, butter and Cacao Barry chocolate. Add vanilla pod and Grand Marnier. Emulsify with a hand mixer, let it cool until use.

Vanilla Santo Domingo Ganache

Used products: Vanilla Santo Domingo Ganache

Preparation: Vanilla Santo Domingo Ganache

Heat cream, glucose syrup and vanilla pod. Add Cacao Barry chocolate. Emulsify with a hand mixer, let it cool until use.

Chocolate Gourmand Glaze

Used products: Chocolate Gourmand Glaze

Preparation: Chocolate Gourmand Glaze

Melt Cacao Barry chocolate and add grapefruit seed oil and caramelised cocoa nibs. Mix all ingredients, use at 30°C over frozen cake