Recipe for 25 portions

Chocolate Financier

Used products: Chocolate Financier

Preparation: Chocolate Financier

Melt together butter and Cacao Barry - Tanzanie 75% at 50°C.

Mix together all other ingredients followed by Tanzanie 75% and butter.

Bake at 170°C for 8 minutes.

Hazelnut praline

Used products: Hazelnut praline

  • 125 g
  • 42 g
  • 250 g
    roasted hazelnut pieces
  • 5 g
    sea salt

Preparation: Hazelnut praline

Cook the sugar and water until 110°C and add the hazelnut. Mix and reheat until caramel. Cool down on tray.

Yuzu cremeux

Used products: Yuzu cremeux

Preparation: Yuzu cremeux

Bring yuzu puree and Vanilla Bean to boil, pour egg and sugar into the mixture and cook till 84°C.

Pour creme anglaise over gelatin and Cacao Barry - Zéphyr™ 34% chocolate.

Cool down to 40°C.

Add butter and fold in whip cream.

Banana compote

Used products: Banana compote

  • 50 g
    Light brown sugar (caramel)
  • 28 g
  • 446 g
    fresh banana
  • 1 g
    lime zest

Preparation: Banana compote

Caramel the sugar. Add in fresh banana and lime zest.

Keep it in the fridge each 17 g with mould.

Almond sweet short crust

Used products: Almond sweet short crust

  • 200 g
  • 3 g
  • 150 g
    icing sugar
  • 70 g
    whole eggs
  • 40 g
    ground almonds
  • 350 g
    bread flour

Preparation: Almond sweet short crust

Mix to have a homogenous texture.

Keep it in the fridge.

Strain into tray covered with greaseproof paper.

Bake at 150°C for 20 minutes.

Opaline short crust

Used products: Opaline short crust

  • 250 g
  • 120 g
  • 150 g
    Almond sweet short crust

Preparation: Opaline short crust

Mix all ingredients with thermo-mix.

Shift at stencil and bake at 150°C for 5 minutes.