Almenar Flavour

Recipe for 40 pastries

Peach osmosis

Used products: Peach osmosis

  • 500 g
    Pinyana’s Yellow Peach ripe and fresh
  • 150 g
    luster sugar
  • 1 g
    ascorbic acid

Preparation: Peach osmosis

Let osmotize for 1 hour, reserve and strain

Peach cream and Zephyr™ chocolate

Used products: Peach cream and Zephyr™ chocolate

Preparation: Peach cream and Zephyr™ chocolate

Bring the cream boil, bring down the temperature with white crystallized Zephyr™ cover and add the Clos Pons Mandarin oil.

Mountable cream Alto el Sol

Used products: Mountable cream Alto el Sol

Preparation: Mountable cream Alto el Sol

Infuse dairy products with sugar and vanilla, strain and add the UHT yolks, confirm temperature of the English cream at 85ºC, add on top of the black crystallized coats and the cream, turbine and chill temperature up to 5ºC, mount on rods.

Chocolate wafer (Biscuit Neula-Catalan)

Used products: Chocolate wafer (Biscuit Neula-Catalan)

Preparation: Chocolate wafer (Biscuit Neula-Catalan)

Sieve flour and cocoa powder, break out the butter and mix it all up, place it in a bottle and cook for the tongue of thin plates, roll up and save.


Pistachios Mi Bescuit

Used products: Pistachios Mi Bescuit

Preparation: Pistachios Mi Bescuit

Turbine the praline with the white egg, put it in a siphon + 2 loads of CO2 and cook in the microwave in plastic cups for 1 minute