Hazelnut Marshmallow Bears

Hazelnut Marshmallow Bears


Hazelnut Marshmellow

Used products: Hazelnut Marshmellow

  • 222 g
  • .6 g

Preparation: Hazelnut Marshmellow

1. Mix the hazelnut praline and salt

2. Cast into 6cm "ingot" flexi (10g per cavity), and freeze

3. Cook the water and sugars to 110C

4. Pour over the inverted sugar (2), and add the melted gelatin mass

5. Whip

6. At 36C, fold in the hazelnut paste and crushed fleur de sel

7. Spray molds with pan spray, and fill half way with marshmallow

8. Add the frozen praline insert

9. Fill to the top with marshmallow

10. Freeze

11. Enrobe

30g of marshmallow per teddy bear


1. Spray flexi with pan spray

2. Fill cavities half way with marshmallow

3. Add frozen hazelnut praline inserts

4. Cover with marshmallow

5. Refridgerate over night

6. Glaze frozen marshmallows with crystalized glaze around 30C