Ocoa 70% Bonbon

Ocoa 70% Bonbon


Roasted Red Bell Pepper

Used products: Roasted Red Bell Pepper

  • 236 g
    roasted red bell pepper

Preparation: Roasted Red Bell Pepper

1.Peel half of the Red Bell Pepper

2. Roast Red Bell Pepper  in the oven or Grill at 450F/230C for about 15-20mns

3. Chopped them

4. Glucose, Sugar and salt

5. Cook to 60 brix

6. Chill

Chocolate Ganache

Used products: Chocolate Ganache

  • 89 g
    35% cream
  • 17 g
    whole milk

Preparation: Chocolate Ganache

1. Combine all sugars with cream and Milk

2. Heat up to 70C /  158 F

3. Poor over  Chocolate pistols and butter

4. Make a perfect Emultion

5. At 30C / 86F pipe in Ocoa Chocolate Shell


Used products: Praline

Preparation: Praline

1. Combine Praline and Fleur de sel

2. Melt together Milk Chocolate and cocoa butter

3. Fold with Praline and Crystallize  ( 26 C )

4. Add Feuilletine and Paprika

5. Cast in 3 mm frame

6. When set cut 25 mm diameter disk

7. Set aside


1. Spray Molds with Crystallized colored Cocoa Butter

2. Mold then with Crystallize Ocoa 70 % Dark Chocolate

3. Pipe 2 grams of Roasted Red Bell Pepper in each cavity

4. Pipe 2 grams od Ocoa Dark Chocolate Ganache

5. Place a disk of Paprika, hazelnut praline on top

6. When ganache set , seal molds with Crystallize Ocoa 70 % Dark Chocolate