Fleur de Cacao

Fleur de Cacao

4 x units - 125mm Ø

Hazelnut praline

Used products: Hazelnut praline

  • 200 g
    roasted piedmont hazelnut
  • 50 g
    caster sugar

Preparation: Hazelnut praline

Melt the sugar to a light brown caramel
Toss the nuts into the caramel
Pour onto a silicon sheet to cool
Blitz the nuts to a fine praline, set aside

Cocoa nib nougatine

Used products: Cocoa nib nougatine

Preparation: Cocoa nib nougatine

Boil all the ingredient to 105C except the nibs 
After boiling add the nibs then spread on a silpat 
Cook in the oven at 200C for 4-6min 
Take off the oven, leave cool down 
Cut out the petal on the water cutter


Lift the petals carefully with a spatula
Place onto the tablet