Banana Ganache

Banana Ganache

INSPIRATION The Banana fruit is one of the best fruits to combine with Evocao.The acidic & fruity flavour creates an enjoyable mouthfeel and well balanced taste profile. TEXTURE Semi-hard AW 0,83 SHELFLIVE Short YIELD 150

Caramelized Cocoa Nibs

Used products: Caramelized Cocoa Nibs

Preparation: Caramelized Cocoa Nibs

Cook the sugar and water at 120°C.
Add the roasted nibs and mix directly.


Component 1
Spread a thin layer of crystallized Evocao™ chocolate on a guitar sheet.
Place a frame of 8 mm thickness.
Pre-crystallize the ganache at 34°C and frame.
Let it set at 10°C until solid enough. Remove the frame and guitar sheet.
Cut at 15x38 mm size, using a guitar cutter.
Enrobe with the crystallized Evocao™ chocolate.
Decorate with the caramelized cocoa nib sticks.

Component 2
Once the caramelized nibs are cooked, spread out on a Silpat to cool down.
Break them so they fall apart in individual pieces of caramelized nibs. Store them dry.

Component 3
Spread out between 2 guitar sheets using a rolling pin.
Remove the upper guitar sheet directly to create an uneven texture.
Tap to flatten the chocolate and let it set.
Cut into small sticks: 5 x 35 mm.
Decorate with some green shimmer dust.
Put directly on top after enrobing as a decoration.