10 portions
Plant-based shortcrust, mandarin and Madirofolo ganache, Mandarin plant-based caramel, Mandarin gel, sunflower seeds. CHOCO Twist is a snack that winks at the future. It is produced with 100% plant-based ingredients, a characteristic that makes it sustainable and with a low environmental impact, like my other recipes. It is a snack to go in the shape of a crunchy cocoa bean made of plant-based shortcrust and sunflower seeds, and with a heart of ganache, caramel and mandarin and chocolate gel. The dominant flavour is Madirofolo chocolate combined with Garda mandarin. This seasonal fruit par excellence provides with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fibers and delivers a sweet taste and distinctive flavour. Mandarin helps strengthen the immune system and is "Friend of the skin". According to a study published in 2006 on the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, compared to other citrus fruits, mandarins have a higher content of hesperidin, a flavonoid with various properties. Hesperidin acts in synergy with vitamin C for the production of collagen, a very important substance for the structural support of the skin. The fruits of the sunflower, improperly called seeds, are rich in nutrients and properties: they improve blood sugar content, cholesterol and blood pressure, reduce the risk of diabetes 2, promote cardiovascular health, have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity and promote satiety. Sunflower seeds and corn flour, as well as the flour made with eleven ancient grains, come from the organic crops of Cascina Caremma, an organic farm in the province of Milan. CHOCO Twist has an interactive packaging in Bio Corn, designed by me and 3D printed. It is therefore reusable, as a memory of this day, compostable and certainly one of a kind.

Preparation and Assembly

Make the pastry and cook it in the Cookmatic.

When cold, waterproof it with Madirofolo chocolate and add the sanded sunflower seeds.

Make the mandarin gel, mandarin ganache and mandarin plant-based caramel. Make a 1cm wide chocolate tube and pipe the mandarin gel inside. Combine the two shortcrust shells to obtain the bean.

Pipe the ganache and caramel inside in alternating layers of 6 and 4 gr each.

Insert the chocolate tube and close with Madirofolo chocolate.


Mandarin gel

Bring all the ingredients to a boil (104 ° C).

Pour on the tray over the mandarin zest and allow to cool.

Mandarin ganache and Madirofolo

Bring the mandarin juice and zest to a boil, strain and pour over the chocolate, emulsify, add oil and emulsify until smooth.

Mandarin plant-based caramel

Heat the saucepan. When it starts to smoke add the sugar #1 and gradually add the rest.

Bring to the boil the plant-based cream, mandarin juice and the neutral nappage infused with 1/2 vanilla pod and mandarin skin,

Deglaze and mix.

Plant-based shortcrust pastry

Emulsify water, lecithin and oil. Mix in the sugar. Add the previously sifted powders.

Sanded sunflower seeds

Toast the sunflower seeds in a pan.

Bring to the boil the syrup and pour on the warm seeds. Sand them.