The Birch

The Birch

#wow and #bonbon are closely related and draw inspiration from the beaver and the birch tree. Being an avid hiker, I have observed plenty of birch trees cut down by beavers to build their dams. The double mold represents my fascination with the shape of these beautiful trees and when you bite into the bonbon, the oozy birch syrup jam is reminiscent of tapping birch trees for their sap.

Birch syrup

Used products: Birch syrup

  • 150 g
    birch syrup
  • 1 g
    agar agar

Preparation: Birch syrup

Mix it in a pot. Bring ingredients to a boil.

Let it cool and set. Blend it to a smooth jam

Raspberry ganache

Used products: Raspberry ganache

Preparation: Raspberry ganache

Bring the raspberry puree, invert sugar and glucose to a boil and pour over the chocolate. emulsify. 

Add butter

Assembly and finishing

Prep the mold with desired colours and cast

Pipe birch gel and raspberry gel and pipeable crunch on both sides of the mould and let it set. Fuse both sides together.

Use a clip to hold them in place