Think different do it different

Think different do it different

The inspiration has been to discover some new products to achieve sugar reduction and waste optimization or in our productions.   Hedonist: seeking absolute pleasure through products where sugar is reduced New experiences: through products reduced in sugar and new texturizers, seek that waste 0 is the main thing and thus create new experiences. Sport: getting a 0 residue or other tests, seeking nutritional solutions for athletes  

Brioche without sugar

Used products: Brioche without sugar

  • 1.1 lb
    strength flour
  • 0.4 oz
  • 0.4 oz
  • 0.7 oz
    fresh yeast
  • 6 piece(s)
    Whole egg
  • 8.8 oz
  • 1.9 oz
    töufood amyläsetöufood
  • 1.9 oz
    töufood glucosidase

Preparation: Brioche without sugar

Knead flour, vanilla, salt, sugar and yeast, adding the eggs little by little.

When it takes off the walls, add the butter.

Once incorporated to the dough, first add the Amyläse and then the glucosidäse.

Roll, place in a bowl and ferment for 1 hour at room yemperature and 12 hours in the refrigerator.

Place in the mold and ferment again.

Cook at 200°


Banana Water

Used products: Banana Water

  • 3.5 oz
    banana pulp
  • 0.4 oz
  • 15.4 gr
    ascorbic acid
  • 1.4 oz
    töufood amyläse

Preparation: Banana Water

Shred all ingredients together.

Place in a bain-marie at 55° for 1.30 hours.

Reserve 12 hours in the fridge and freeze.

Place frozen on a filter cloth and allow to clarify for 12 hours at ambient temperature.

Recover the water and reduce it on a slow heat until a melody texture is achieved.


Banana Skin

Used products: Banana Skin

  • 1.1 lb
    banana skin
  • 8.8 oz
  • 0.9 oz
  • 0.4 oz
  • 7.7 gr
    ascorbic acid
  • 7.1 oz
    banana water (without reducing)

Preparation: Banana Skin

Make a solution by mixing the water, the cellulose, the pectinase and the ascorbic acid.

Pack the leftover banana skin from making the banana water together with the previous solution and leave in the refrigerator for 12 hours.

Add the banana water and cook for 40 minutes at 90°.


Banana Creamy

Used products: Banana Creamy

Preparation: Banana Creamy

Heat the cream with the already hydrated jelly sheets.

Pour on top of the chocolate and emulsify with the help of a turmix.

Add the banana pulp and crush again.

Put aside


Brioche Drink

Used products: Brioche Drink

  • 1.3 lb
    brioche without sugar
  • 14.1 oz
  • 1.1 oz
    töufood amyläse

Preparation: Brioche Drink

Crush all the ingredients, strain and store in the refrigerator.


Assembly and Finishing


Cut the brioche in half and together with the alunga and hazelnut creamy, freeze all together. Bath with black paint and decorate the ends.

New experiences

Line the mold with the banana skins and fill with the banana creamy and reduced banana water, freeze. Cut the brioche in half and together with the frozen creamy, freeze together again.

Cover the part of the brioche with the zephyr caramel batter and decorate the points.


Chocolate or noir ibrug, mix with the drink. Arrange in bottles and serve cold.