Infinite dew

Infinite dew

For Design, It’s inspired by a water drop from nature which is necessary to live. Wanted to twist it with a piped cream shape which is frequently used by pastry chefs. For taste, It shows the possibility that great taste and healthiness could be presented together by polyphenol.

Crunchy Toffee

Used products: Crunchy Toffee

Preparation: Crunchy Toffee

Step 1. Put sugar in a hot pan and caramelize it.
Step 2. Put butter in the pan, make toffee and spread it on silicon paper.
Step 3. Wait till it’s fully cooled down, put it into Thermomix and finely grind them.
Step 4. Mix melted chocolate with HAZELNUT PASTE.
Step 5. Mix 50g of GRINDED toffee with melted cocoa butter and 50g of melted chocolate mixture in a bowl and temper it (25℃).
Step 6. Spread them on a chocolate film, put it into fridge until it’s harden and cut them with right size of cutter for BonBon. 

Jeju Orange Coulis

Used products: Jeju Orange Coulis

  • 80 g
    Mandarin orange puree
  • 70 g
    Redhyang orange puree (Jeju orange)
  • 20 g
    fresh lemon juice
  • 0.5 g
    orange zest
  • 1 g
    agar agar
  • 1 g
    yellow pectin
  • 10 g
  • 16 g
    glucose powder
  • 14 g
  • 1 drop(s)
    natural aroma Ylang Ylang

Preparation: Jeju Orange Coulis

Step 1. Blend all puree with agar agar, pectin, sugar, glucose powder and sorbitol.
Step 2. Put the puree mixture into a pan with orange zest and heat it.
STEP 4. PUT YLANG YLANG OIL WHILE CoolING it down and blend it.


Zephyr Vanilla Ganache

Used products: Zephyr Vanilla Ganache

Preparation: Zephyr Vanilla Ganache

Step 1. Heat Heavy cream, Vanilla bean peels, Poivre de Sichuan and Sorbitol in a pan and infuse.
Step 2. Strain it onto chocolate and blend them together.
Step 3. Put in a piping bag and use at the right temperature.

IAN Ganache

Used products: IAN Ganache

Preparation: IAN Ganache

Step 1. Heat cream and Isomalt powder in a pan.
Step 2. Put polyphenol powder into chocolate, pour hot cream mixture over the chocolate and blend.
Step 3. Add hazelnut paste and blend.
Step 4. Put in a piping bag and use at the right temperature.

Assembly and finishing

Assembly step 1. Zephyr Vanilla ganache
Assembly step 2. Jeju Orange Coulis
Assembly step 3. IAN GANACHE
Assembly step 4. Crunchy Toffee