Cacao Evolution

Cacao Evolution

Topic: Relax, Recharge, Refuel Flavors: This boutique dessert features the fresh combination of a powerful Chios Mandarin (PGI) confit, with two strong cocoa flavored chocolates, Inaya 65% and Alunga 41%. The chocolates are introduced in three different textures (cremeux, mousse, soft biscuit). The whole is also completed with a Cardamom Cacao Crumble and Mandarin Infused Dried apricot for their interesting textures and health benefits.   This dessert is designed with functionality in mind. It is a bio-active dessert that aims to provide powerful ingredients and functional qualities without sacrificing taste, as it usually happens with some healthier foods. The idea is to create a chocolate delight that is not a “guilty pleasure” but is both beneficial and tasty as well. The cremeux and mousse are both bio-active, completely covering the recommended individual daily needs of probiotics. Due to the nutritional yeast in the biscuit, half of the daily needs of important B vitamins are covered (B12, B6, B2).  Chios Mandarin (PGI) is one of the most aromatic citrus fruits in the world (TasteAtlas 2022), and its aroma is known to relieve stress. In this instance it is paired with a variety of functional spices to boost the antioxidant content, together with the chocolates and pure cacao nibs.  The design of the dessert puts an artistic highlight on the cacao pod as a protagonist, and shows how versatile cacao can be when combined with other elements.  

Intense Chios Mandarin (PGI) Juice Blend

Used products: Intense Chios Mandarin (PGI) Juice Blend

  • 8 piece(s)
    Chios mandarin
  • 3 piece(s)
    passion fruit
  • 1 1/2 piece(s)
  • 3/4 piece(s)
    lime peel
  • 2 piece(s)
    lemongrass stalks

Preparation: Intense Chios Mandarin (PGI) Juice Blend

Step 1. Take juices with a slow-juicing machine and strain.

Pure Mandarin Vesicles

Used products: Pure Mandarin Vesicles

  • Q.S.
    mandarin wedges
  • Q.S.
    water-pectinase solution

Preparation: Pure Mandarin Vesicles

Step 1.  Submerge the mandarin wedges in the solution until the skin has dissolved. 

Step 2. Flash - freeze and break the wedges in vesicles.

Mandarin-Infused dried apricots

Used products: Mandarin-Infused dried apricots

  • 200 g
    Diced dried apricot
  • Q.S.
    Chios mandarin squeezed Juice

Preparation: Mandarin-Infused dried apricots

Step 1. Microwave together, covered for 1 minute.

Fortified Soft Chocolate Biscuit

Used products: Fortified Soft Chocolate Biscuit

Preparation: Fortified Soft Chocolate Biscuit

Step 1. Make meringue with the egg whites, albumin and demerara sugar.

Step 2. Melt Inaya 65% and emulsify with the cream and yolks.

Step 3. Add the meringue to the chocolate mixture.

Step 4. Add Plein arome, soft flour, nutritional yeast and coriander previously sieved together.

Step 5. Spread on a baking sheet and sprinkle with Pure Cacao-Cardamom Crumble. Bake at 175oC for 8 min and cut.

Bio-Active Inaya-Alunga Cremeux

Used products: Bio-Active Inaya-Alunga Cremeux

Preparation: Bio-Active Inaya-Alunga Cremeux

Step 1. Melt the couvertures together.

Step 2. Bring milk, honey, vanilla pods and salt to a boil, add Gelatin mass 180 Bloom and make ganache with the couvertures. Add the yogurt below 40oC.

Step 3. Add the fermented cream and let it set.

Bio-Active Alunga-Inaya Mousse

Used products: Bio-Active Alunga-Inaya Mousse

Preparation: Bio-Active Alunga-Inaya Mousse

Step 1. Melt the couvertures together.

Step 2. Bring milk, honey, vanilla pods and salt to a boil, add Gelatin mass 180 Bloom and make a ganache with the couvertures. Add the yogurt below 40oC.

Step 3. Whip the fermented cream.

Step 4. Add sabayon to the ganache, then add the whipped fermented cream.

Fermented Greek Yogurt Cream 35%

Used products: Fermented Greek Yogurt Cream 35%

  • 40 g
    greek yogurt 5%
  • 400 g
    cream 35%

Preparation: Fermented Greek Yogurt Cream 35%

Step 1.  From the previous day, heat the cream at 40oC and mix with the yogurt.

Step 2. Let it ferment for 3 hours outside the fridge.

Step 3. Put it in the fridge for a night.

Honey Sabayon

Used products: Honey Sabayon

  • 50 g
    Egg yolk
  • 57 g
  • 30 g

Preparation: Honey Sabayon

Step 1. Warm the mix at 650C. Whip to a sabayon.

Antioxidant Chios Mandarin (PGI) Confit

Used products: Antioxidant Chios Mandarin (PGI) Confit

  • 435 g
    Chios mandarin squeezed Juice
  • 60 g
    Chios mandarin zest
  • 0.96 g
    Tumeric powder
  • 0.8 g
    cayenne pepper
  • 208 g
    palm sugar
  • 5 g
    pectin X58
  • 3 g
    carob gum
  • 9 g
    50% citric acid solution

Preparation: Antioxidant Chios Mandarin (PGI) Confit

Step 1. Mix together pectin X58 and carob gum with palm sugar.

Step 2. Bring all the ingredients except for the acid to a boil and strain.

Step 3. Add citric acid solution and let it set completely.

Assembly and finishing

Step 1. Cast custom made molds with Guayaquil 64%. 

Step 2. Fill cavities with Bio-Active Alunga-Inaya Mousse, Fortified Soft Chocolate Biscuit, Bio-Active Inaya-Alunga Cremeux. Add the Mandarin - Infused Dried Apricot bits and top up with the Antioxidant Chios Mandarin (PGI) Confit.

Step 3. Decorate with Pure mandarin vesicles, Chios mandarin powder, Melissa cress and chocolate decoration.