Spirit of Yorkshire

Spirit of Yorkshire

Topic: #LOCALLOVE Flavors: Local Yorkshire whisky ganache, with orange gel and caramelized pecan crisp. The inspiration comes from my Yorkshire born father, who’s favorite drink was whisky and orange, and would enjoy roasted pecans with his drink. In 2019 I discovered the farm in Filey Bay Yorkshire which is completely self-sufficient, they grow their own barley, bore their own water from the ground and generate their own electricity to power the farm where they distill the whisky. They are only one of two completely self-sufficient farms in the whole of the UK. I couldn't believe this company was literally on my doorstep and I had to use in the WCM.  

Orange compote

Used products: Orange compote

  • 120 g
    orange puree
  • 40 g
    sucrose 1
  • 6 g
    NH pectin
  • 20 g
    glucose syrup
  • 100 g
  • 8 g
    Citric acid

Preparation: Orange compote

Mix sucrose 1 and pectin

Warm puree to 40ºC

Add pectin bring to boil add remain sugars

Boil 2 mins

Set on silpat

Blend, pipe into mould

Whisky reduction

Used products: Whisky reduction

  • 100 g

Preparation: Whisky reduction

Boil in a thermo mix at 80ºC until 56g left.


Used products: PECAN PRALINE

Preparation: PECAN PRALINE

Boil sugars and water and pecan for 2mins.

Drain and bake at 160ºC for 16.5mins.

Blend in thermo to crunch texture with salt.

Temper milk chocolate and add pecans and feuilletine at 32ºC and spread onto matt.

Assembly and finishing

Create chocolate bonbon with mould.

Pipe orange gel at bottom of mould.

Fill with Whisky Ganache.

Cut Praline and insert into bonbon.