Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Recipe for 6 each 8 oz portions
Uses : Perfect for a serving on its own or during dessert after a meal. Tips:  If it will be chilled and served at a later time, the beverage should be properly blended before use since there will be some separation. What is the best cocoa powder? Extra Brute Why? We strongly recommend choosing a high-fat cacao powder for dairy-based chocolate drinks. The hot cacao beverage becomes extra rich and decadent with the Extra Brute powder (22/24) with rich chocolate and spicy notes that come through in the final flavour. Scientific recommendations: Heat the initial mixture up to 78°C to avoid evaporating too much water and to heat the beverage up enough to evenly distribute the ingredients.  
Room temperature: Not possible, consume immediately or chill | Refrigeration: 2 days | Freezing: Not recommended

Hot chocolate (served hot or cold)

Used products: Hot chocolate (served hot or cold)

Preparation: Hot chocolate (served hot or cold)

Add the milk to a pan on the stovetop.
Sift the milk powder and cacao powder and mix into the milk along with the sugar and salt.
Heat this mixture up to 78°C while stirring. Add in the vanilla.
Serve warm or chill and enjoy as a cold chocolate beverage.