Recipe for a tray of 60x40cm and a height of 0,5cm
Uses : This cake is ideal for cutting into strips and placing the on the outside of desserts as decoration or when making layer cakes, such as the Opera cake, where we’re looking for a dense slice of cake with a pronounced almond flavour. Tips : Spread 450 g (for thin sheets) to 800 g (for layer cakes) of batter on sheet pans lined with parchment paper or a silicone mat, or in a silicone mold and bake on 60x40 cm trays. The suggested temperature is 240°C. The thinner the cake, the higher the temperature should be to avoid drying out in the oven. Once baked and cooled, wrap in cling film to avoid drying out, and then store in the freezer until needed. What is the best cocoa powder? Noir Intense Why?:  The Joconde is a moist and flexible sponge cake but not extremely airy. We have chosen the Noir Intense cacao powder as its low fat content impacts less on the batter of the Joconde In addition this powder brings a unique black colour. Scientific recommendations: The Joconde is less airy than other cakes because the batter is worked more, and therefore loses sponginess. Its richness is due to the incorporation of butter and ground almonds (or other nuts). Allergens: Egg products, Gluten, Lactose, Nuts
Room temperature: Possible | Refrigeration: 2 days | Freezing: Possible

Joconde with cocoa powder

Used products: Joconde with cocoa powder

Preparation: Joconde with cocoa powder

Mix the eggs with the almonds and icing sugar. You can use a food
processor if you like.
Separately, beat the egg whites with the sugar.
Melt the butter and add a little bit of the initial batter to it. Set aside to be
incorporated later.
Mix the two batters, always adding the egg mixture to the whipped egg
whites first. Add the dry ingredients, mixing carefully. Finally, add the melted
butter mixture.
Once everything is mixed, spread on trays of 60x40cm and a height of 0,5cm and bake at 230°C.
Set aside.