Food Pairing

CacaoCollective Japan #5


Science of Flavor Pairing inspires top chefs in Japan

Francois Chartier and Andres Lara were in Tokyo for the CacaoCollective event to present the science of flavour pairing and inspirational recipes based on its concept. 40 chefs including Cacao Barry Ambassadors, Shigeo Hirai (Champion of WCM 2009) and Hisashi Onobayashi (Vice-Champion of WCM 2015) and 7 press and bloggers enjoyed the pairing workshop and tasting a couple of recipes which were created by Andres Lara: Chocolate Banana Nougat glace and Raspberry Alto el Sol tart Tokyo.

Also, 6 kinds of bonbons were given to guests. Each bonbon recipes were from the theory of Francois' aromatic science. Andres Lara, Shigeo Hirai and Hisashi Onobayashi worked on this project and made the beautiful bonbon box.

The event was a great opportunity to introduce Alto el Sol which is a new product for the Japanese market.

Guests found it useful to know about the flavor pairing and some commented they want to learn deeper in the future.

CacaoCollective Japan will continuously inspire chefs' creativity.