Exotic Zéphyr by Dimitri Fayard - Executive Pastry Chef of The Peninsula and Cacao Barry Ambassador - United States

Exotic Zéphyr by  Dimitri Fayard

Enjoy this beautiful recipe for a dessert of exotic flavours captured in an elegant presentation.

- Zéphyr™ 34% white chocolate
- Mycryo® Cocoa butter

Recipe for 50 desserts (5cm diameter and 4 cm height).

Mandarin Cremeux

- 350 g of mandarin puree - 75 g of passion puree - 12 g of milk powder - 45 g of liquid cream 35% fat - 150 g of egg yolks - 94 g of sugar - 37 g of gelatin mass* 180 Bloom - 95 g of fresh butter

Bring to the boil the fruit purees, cream and milk powder. Pour the mix onto the yolks and sugar. Proceed to make a custard at 85°C. Add the gelatin mass previously hydrated in cold water. Cool to 40°C. Hand blend the soft butter. Pour in Flexipan® insert for small cakes to 2/3 full. Freeze.

*Gelatin mass : For 100 g– 500 g of hydrating water soak the gelatin in cold water. Melt and put into the refrigerator.

Exotic Jelly

- 50 g of passion puree - 25 g of coconut puree - 25 g of banana puree - 150 g of mango puree - 50 g of caster sugar - 4 g of cornstarch - 10 g of water - 1 g of NH pectin - 10 g of caster sugar - 10 g of gelatin mass 180 Bloom

Warm up the purees and sugar at 40°C. Add the pectin and starch. Boil for a minute. Add gelatin and pour over cremeux. Fill the remaining 1/3 left in the insert.

Coconut Lime Dacquoise

- 155 g of almond flour - 155 g of grated coconut - 285 g of icing sugar - 58 g of caster sugar - 345 g of egg whites - 3 g of lime zest

Mix with the Robocoupe the almond flour, grated coconut and caster sugar. Make a French meringue: beat the egg whites and add in caster sugar. Add the zest at the end and fold in the dry. Bake at 200°C for 12 minutes.

Zéphyr™ white chocolate mousse

- 19 g of milk powder - 93 g of water - 18.6 g of glucose - 98 g of egg yolks - 2.4 g of sea salt - 263 g of whole milk - 175 g of egg yolks- 96 g of gelatin mass 180 Bloom - 683 g of Zéphyr™ white chocolate - 700 g of whipped cream
Cook all of the first ingredients to 82°C. Place in a food processor and whisk to ribbon stage. Proceed to make a creme anglaise with the whole milk and yolks. Add gelatin mass. Pour over Zéphyr™ white chocolate. Fold in the whipped cream. Fold in the pâte à bombe.

Coconut crumble

- 75 g of fresh butter - 30 g of desiccated coconut - 45 g of almond flour - 75 g of pastry flour - 37 g of raw sugar - 37 g of caster sugar - 4 g of sea salt - S.Q. of Mycryo® cocoa butter

Rub in all of the ingredients to form a crumble. Bake at 160°C for 15 minutes. Sprinkle with Mycryo® cocoa butter then crumble the coconut crumble.

Ivory icing


- 75 g of fresh cream - 125 g of glucose - 1 vanilla pod - 45 g of gelatin mass - 250 g of Zéphyr™ white chocolate - 250 g of icing


Warm up the whipped cream and glucose with vanilla beans at 60°C. Pour over the melted Zéphyr™ white chocolate. Add the gelatin mass and the warm clear glaze. Mix and set aside for 12 hours. Warm the icing and use at 28-30°C.


Place the coconut and lime dacquoise into 5cm diameter by 4cm high entremet rings. Line the circle with the Zéphyr™ mousse. Add the cremeux insert and the coconut dacquoise. Line with the Zéphyr™ mousse. Glaze the entremets and add the crumble around the base of the entremets.