François Chartier: flavour pairing with Alto el Sol


François Chartier X Alto El Sol 65%

The molecular DNA of the aromatic profile for this strong Peruvian chocolate is rich in multiple aromatic markers, some of which are dominant. These include benzaldehyde (almond, chardonnay, fino sherry, cherry and other stone fruits, etc.) and rotundone (pepper, Shiraz, black olive, thyme, etc.).

Its high purity, its wealth of grilled/roasted and cocoa scents and its fine bitterness make it suitable for use with a splendid variety of dry and liquid ingredients and beverages, all of which have the same dominant aromatic compounds – according to the science of "Harmonies and Molecular Sommeliery" a science developed by Francois Chartier. This science results in new combinations stemming from the culture and inspiration of each chocolatier, pastry baker and culinary chef. They can choose freely from this list of ingredients and produce their own original creations.

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