Visit cocoa plantations

Visit cacao plantations

Travel with us to the origin of chocolate

Visit cacao plantations, meet the farmers, learn how to grow high-quality cocoa beans and get a better knowledge of the origin of your chocolates. Thanks to CacaoCollective, you will be able to visit several types of plantations, located in different continents.
In 2016, we will take you to the selected countries:

  • Tanzania
  • Ivory Coast
  • Péru.

Join us on the first plantation visit to fascinating Tanzania, the cradle of Cacao Barry®’s Single Origin couverture chocolate Tanzanie.
During a 5 day trip to the most fertile cocoa farming area, located at Lake Malawi, farmers and experts will immerse you in the world of cacao.

On this unique trip you will experience:

  • The full cacao farming process from planting to drying
  • Methods used for sustainable farming
  • Cooperation between cacao experts and farmers
  • The extensive quality control process to ensure the highest quality of cacao

Elevate your creativity and expertise in cacao and chocolate. Stay informed and inspired.

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