Fores restoration

Forest restoration



Our quality and fine flavours come from what nature has best to offer and it's close to our heart to preserve nature. That is why with the support of Cocoa Horizons, we joined an initiative focused on reforestation and restoring biodiversity in the Agbo 2 Forest in Cote d'Ivoire, the country where some of our precious cocoa beans come from. This project encompasses 300 hectares of degraded forest that is askin to 420 football fields and home to two rivers and numerous native plant species.

While the region is designated as protected land, a substantial portion of the forest has been lost over time due to unlawful slash-and-burn activities, logging and unsustainable farming practices.

In collaboration with Cocoa Horizons and other partners, together we contributed to the planting of 125,000 trees in close collaboration with local communities.

This endeavor aims not only to rehabilitate the ecosystem, focusing on factors like water quality, soil health, and the preservation of indigenous plant species, but it also encompasses the connected landscapes of farms and communities.By doing so, we are fostering employment opportunities and enhancing the livelihoods of local farmers.

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