Why think Or Noir™

Create and sign your own chocolate signature

Among the huge choice of chocolate recipes , artisans are always on the lookout for a recognisable unique taste to become their "mark" or their signature.

Create and sign your own chocolate in a “blending workshop” provided for you and unique in the world.

Why think Or Noir™?

Why think OR NOIR™?

Welcome to the universe of taste creation. In the OR NOIR™ laboratory, artist pastry chefs and the most talented chocolatiers are supported as they prepare their own custom chocolate recipes.

Your vision

At Cacao Barry®, we understand that your company and your creations are unique, and we really want to support you. This is the reason we created the OR NOIR™ concept.


We want to help you differentiate your business by helping you create a unique chocolate in your own style.


Our research and development team has analysed many different cocoa pastes and chocolates to find out their properties and understand their aromatic profiles. With OR NOIR™'s patented method of analysis, you will be the architect of your chocolate recipe.


In addition to the creation of your own chocolate, the OR NOIR™ concept also provides you with the communication tools to strengthen your brand image and explain your strategy to your customers.

For more information, don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail: ornoir@barry-callebaut.com.