Hana Moulded Praline

Hana Moulded Praline


Crunchy Sesame Praline

Used products: Crunchy Sesame Praline

Preparation: Crunchy Sesame Praline

Mix together praliné, sesame paste and caramelised sesames.
Melt together chocolate and cocoa butter at 45°C.
Mix together both mixtures and temper at 23°C.
Pour in moulds and leave to crystallise at 4°C for 10 minutes.

Yuzu Kochi Pâte de Fruits

Used products: Yuzu Kochi Pâte de Fruits

  • 8.2 oz
    Fruit'Purée Yuzu Capfruit
  • 13.9 oz
    Fruit'Purée Pear Williams Capfruit
  • 1.7 oz
  • 2.9 oz
    glucose syrup DE 38
  • 0.6 oz
    yellow pectin

Preparation: Yuzu Kochi Pâte de Fruits

Mix together Fruit'Purée Yuzu Capfruit, Fruit'Purée Pear Williams Capfruit and a bit of sugar at 40°C.
Incorporate glucose, pectin and the rest of the sugar, and heat up to 72° Brix.
Spread out on a frame between two rulers of 6 or 8 mm, and leave to cool.

Yuzu Kochi Truffle

Used products: Yuzu Kochi Truffle

Preparation: Yuzu Kochi Truffle

Melt chocolate at 45°C.
Mix Fruit'Purée Yuzu Capfruit, glucose and salt, and heat up to just below 30°C.
Add butter to chocolate and emulsify.
Mix together chocolate mixture and yuzu mixture.
Add yuzu zest and pour into moulds at 30°C.

Textured Soy

Used products: Textured Soy

  • 1.1 oz
    atomised glucose
  • 0.2 oz
  • 2.2 oz

Preparation: Textured Soy

Mix together glucose and starch.
Heat soy up to 40°C and gradually add previous mixture.
Emulsify with Turmix blender and store. 

Finishing and assembly:

Used products: Finishing and assembly:

Preparation: Finishing and assembly:

Spray moulds with coloured chocolate and create shells with Cacao Barry® milk chocolate couverture Alunga™ 41% cocoa.
Fill moulds with textured soy, pâte de fruits and truffle, and seal with crunchy sesame praline.