Alunga™, Coffee and Café Crokine Praline

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Alunga™, Coffee and Café Crokine Praline

Created by
  • Will Torrent
    Cacao Barry UK ambassador
level 1
2 Chocolate Plates
Recipe components

Part 1 – Shelling of Mould


Shell mould with pre-crystallised Milk Chocolate.

Deposit Café Crokine in the base of each mould.

Part 2– Ganache


Bring the cream and coffee to the boil.

Cool to 34°C.

Add both pre-crystallised chocolates to the cooled cream.

Stir in softened butter.

Homogenise together to create a smooth Ganache.

Pipe into moulds.

Close moulds with pre-crystallised Alunga™ Chocolate.