Tiramisu Tart

Tiramisu Tart


Linzer Shortbread

Used products: Linzer Shortbread

  • 2750 g
  • 900 g
    icing sugar
  • 60 g
  • 30 g
    Sea salt
  • 100 g
    cooked egg yolks
  • 2500 g
  • 500 g

Preparation: Linzer Shortbread

Cook the egg yolks in the microwave.
Sieve the icing sugar with the flour, starsh and cooked egg yolks.
Combine all the ingredients together in a kitchen mixer fitted with thje paddle attachment without kneading too much.
Bake at 160*C for 10-12 min

Lady Finger Sponge

Used products: Lady Finger Sponge

  • 1200 g
    egg whites
  • 100 g
  • 800 g
    egg yolks
  • 1000 g
  • 5 g
    egg white powder

Preparation: Lady Finger Sponge

Sieve the starch and flour together.
Whip the lukewarm egg whites with the caster sugar to a soft peaks meringue,
Pour in the egg yolks.
Delicately fold in the powders, Bake at 190*C for 12min


Coffee cremeux

Used products: Coffee cremeux

Preparation: Coffee cremeux

Infuse the toasted coffee beans in the hot milk and cream for about 10min,
Strain through and complete to the initial weights.
Add egg yolks and sugar and cook to 85’C
Stir the gelatine and pour over the milk chocolate.
Mix with a hand blender, at 40*, add in the butter and mix again.

Coffee Syrup

Used products: Coffee Syrup

  • 2500 g
  • 1250 g
  • 800 g
    ground coffee

Preparation: Coffee Syrup

Boil water and sugar, pour over the ground coffee, leave infuse overnight, strain the next day.

Mascarpone Chantilly cream

Used products: Mascarpone Chantilly cream

  • 1500 g
  • 1500 g
  • 300 g
    icing sugar

Preparation: Mascarpone Chantilly cream

Combine all the ingredients together, Mix with a hand blender and store at 4*C
Whip with a whisk as required.

Muscovado jelly

Used products: Muscovado jelly

  • 100 g
    Dark muscovado sugar
  • 100 g
  • 200 g
    neutral gel
  • 6 g
    gelatin leaves

Preparation: Muscovado jelly

Bring the water with the sugar and glaze to the boil.
Stir in the gelatin.


Grate chocolate over and sprinkle with cocoa powder and snow icing.