Mango buckwheat bar

Mango buckwheat bar

Inspiration: The 2019 JCM theme ‘Thriving Nature’. The decoration is another of my visions of thriving nature; it represents a tiger. 13 lines on top are here for a reason. 13 is the numbers of countries where you can find some natural tigers. My Mango Buckwheat snacking bar also adds complementary flavours to my exotic plated dessert from the Junior Chocolate Masters competition. 

Mango reduction

Used products: Mango reduction

  • 225 g
    mango puree
  • 90 g
  • 20 g
    lime juice
  • 2 g
    lime zest

Preparation: Mango reduction

Heat up the puree with the glucose until it starts to get thicker, cook until 72 Brix.
Add the lime zest and the lime juice, mix it and reserve in piping bag.
Once cooled down, pipe 8gr per snacking bar

Mango honey ganache

Used products: Mango honey ganache

Preparation: Mango honey ganache

Bring to the boil the cream and mango puree.
Pour over your chocolates in 3 stages.
Blend it at a slow speed – so as not to add any air bubbles.
Once it’s mixed, you can add your butter in small pieces and blend until you have the right consistancy.
Reserve in piping bag and pipe 18 gr per snacking bar.

Buckwheat Crispy Layer

Used products: Buckwheat Crispy Layer

  • 120 g
  • 60 g
    Cocoa nibs
  • 90 g
  • 60 g
    rapeseed oil

Preparation: Buckwheat Crispy Layer

Buckwheat Praline
Make a dry caramel and pour over a silpat.
Once its cold, break into small pieces and blend all together in a thermomix.

Used products: Buckwheat Crispy Layer

Preparation: Buckwheat Crispy Layer

Buckwheat Crispy Layer
Mix all together with a spatula.
Spread it between two acetate sheets until 2mm in thickness
Cut some slices of 110mmx25mm.
Deposit them on top of the ganache and close the bonbons with Mexico dark chocolate.


Once demoulded, pipe lines on top of the snacking bar.