Entremets Café-Almond

Entremets Café-Almond

For 8 individual fingers

Viennese biscuit

Used products: Viennese biscuit

  • 3 g
  • 75 g
  • 75 g

Preparation: Viennese biscuit

Separate the whites and yolks, mount the whites with the sugar in meringue.
Add the yolks gently with the K of the robot and then the flour.
Pour the biscuit on a baking sheet and smooth with a spatula.
Cook at 230 ° for 5 min

Coffee syrup

Used products: Coffee syrup

  • 250 g
    water with soluble coffee
  • 118 g

Preparation: Coffee syrup

Bring to a boil, stop and set aside.

Coffee cream

Used products: Coffee cream

Preparation: Coffee cream

Make a crème anglaise: Mix the egg yolks and sugar, heat the milk and liquid cream, pour the hot liquids over the sugar and eggs and reheat to 83 °.
Out of the heat add the gelatin.
Pour over the Zephyr chocolate and add the butter to 40°.
Mix in a dipping blender and set aside in a pocket with a smooth 8mm socket

Almond Moss

Used products: Almond Moss

  • 150 g
    almond milk
  • 45 g
    egg yolks
  • 40 g
  • 3 g
    gelatin 200 Bloom
  • 220 g
    35% fat liquid cream

Preparation: Almond Moss

Make a crème anglaise, Mix the egg yolks and sugar, Heat the almond milk, pour the hot liquids over the sugar and eggs and reheat to 83 degrees, out of the heat, add the gelatin.
Once at room temperature add the whipped cream.


Cut the biscuit with the punch (two biscuit per entremets) and soak them in coffee syrup.
Poach the creamy on the biscuit, and put a biscuit back on it.
Put in the freezer.
Put the almond mousse at 3/4 of the mold and gently push the insert into it, smooth


Used products: Glaze

Preparation: Glaze

Rehydrate gelatin in 5 times its water weight
Make a syrup with sugar, glucose and water at 103 degrees.
Pour over the chocolate, liquid cream and add the gelatin.
Mix without incorporating air.
Filming on contact, book and use at 28 degrees