Michele Farnesi, head chef at Heimat (Paris, France)


Only twenty-six years old and already head chef of Heimat, one of the hottest places in Paris. The young Italian chef, Michele Farnesi, moved to Paris at his age of 23, after gaining some experiences in Italy, one of them was at Osteria Francescana. Armed with great talent, humbleness and hard work he quickly gained a great reputation in Paris cooking dishes which give pleasure – as much to the palate as to the soul. Michele is very humble and believes that chefs of today often care more to satisfy their own egos than satisfying their guests. Michele wants to be different. He wants a restaurant to be a relaxed comfortable place where you enjoy the food and a great company and don’t pay too much for it. He is convinced that restaurants should become more affordable.

Michele has created for us a very special dessert which he explains here.

What does chocolate mean for you?

Pleasure! I usually use it for the last dessert in the tasting menu because it leaves a better memory for the guest.

Plums, fermented milk, chocolate, capers. Photo: courtesy of Michele Farnesi

Why have you chosen this dessert? What is in your opinion so special about it?

I have chosen this dessert because of the seasonality of the ingredients and because I love the flavours. It is fresh and indulgent at the same time, so it’s a perfect summer dessert.

Tell us please about the flavours, temperatures and textures that describe this dessert.

All my dishes, this dessert included, want to be simple, based on 3-4 elements, not more. It is about playing with flavours (fresh, fat, acid, sweet, bitter) trying to respect and not overwork the products that are already good in their natural form.

What has inspired you to create it? How was it created?

You asked me for a chocolate dessert yesterday, so I checked what I had at home and tried to get the best out of it.

Plums, fermented milk, chocolate, capers. Photo: courtesy of Michele Farnesi

Does it require any special technique? Was there any special challenge?

No, my dish is not complicated. It only requires a lot of love and attention and very good products, because when a dish is simple it is even more important that you can feel it when you eat it!

Any final message for our readers?

I’m working very hard at the moment because I have a new project for September, it is not official yet but almost, so come to visit me next autumn in Paris I will be glad to welcome you in my own restaurant…

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Michele and his team at Heimat. Photo: Laura Lajh Prijatelj