Plums / fermented milk / chocolate / capers by Michele Farnesi (Heimat, Paris)


Capers confit:

250g water – 187g cane sugar – 10g fresh oregano – 200g capers “Gabrio Bini”

Boil water with sugar and oregano, when boiled lower the temperature and add capers. Cook for approx 30 min so that they become shiny. Put it into refrigerator to cool. Drain the capers and keep the liquid for the next preparation. Dry the capers in the oven at 90 C for about 45 minutes.

For the juice of capers and plums:

juice of the capers – Umeboshi vinegar  – lemon juice – salt

Enrich the capers juice with other ingredients to create the desired flavour.

Chocolate creme:

125g milk – 125g cream – 45g egg yolks – 20g sugar – 125g Cacao Barry Ocoa 70% dark chocolate

Mix the egg yolks with sugar together, warm up the liquids and add them to the eggs while you continue mixing them. Warm the mixture to 82ᵒc (like a crème anglaise) and then add in  the chocolate and mix. Place it in the refrigerator. ​ ​

Chocolate sable:

230g sugar – 230g hazelnut flour – 65g Cacao Barry Extra Brute cacao – 6g fleur de sel 190g flour “0” – 180g soft butter – 105g Cacao Barry Mexique 66% chocolate

Mix all the flours and powders together, add butter and when you reach the homogenous mixture, add melted chocolate. Let it cool in the refrigerator until it can be rolled with a rolling pin. Roll it with the rolling pin (not too thin) and bake in the oven at 170C for 10 minutes.

Fermented milk foam

650g fermented milk – 200g cream – 110g sugar – 100g milk – 4 leaves of gelatine

Boil milk, cream and sugar, melt the gelatine which was previously soaked, pour it into fermented milk and blend with the bamix. Let it cool in the refrigerator until it’s gelified, put it into siphon and load with two cartridges.

Fermented milk ice cream

650g fermented milk – 175g cream – 95g sugar – 12g glucose – 2g stabiliser

Boil the cream with sugar and glucose. Pour into fermented milk and stabiliser and blend it with bamix. Put into the pacojet glasses and blend. Before serving blend the ice cream with a ​pacojet to assure its creaminess.


Pit fresh plums (better if they are a bit unripe for more acidity) and cut them into segments. Put them to marinate in the capers juice for at least a few hours.


Take the most beautiful leaves to decorate the plate.

You can try the delicious dishes by Michele Farnesi at Heimat in Paris: