Waiting for World Chocolate Masters in Paris

Waiting for World Chocolate Masters in Paris

Are you as excited as we are?

Eighteen countries have already selected their winners for the grand finale of the World Chocolate Masters in Paris (you can see the country winners here), just two more preselections will take place.

The winners from each country are already working intensely for the great competition. The time is running out and so much to do! We are all cheering for our UK and Irish winner, the highly talented Alistair Birt. He won the competition in London against three very strong masters of chocolate at the exciting event, organised by Cacao Barry.

But this event was not meant only to select the greatest chocolate master. It was also much more, as you can see through testimonials from two pastry chefs:

“I was really excited when I was invited to the UK and Irish preselection of World Chocolate Masters. I moved to London not so long ago and this was for me the first opportunity to meet other pastry chefs, get answers to my chocolate-related questions, get to know new products and learn something new …

I planned to arrive a bit earlier but because of some work issue, I just managed to arrive in time to catch the wonderful Ramon Morato’s presentation. I think he is an amazing chef and I am really happy that I was able to meet him and taste his creations. My favourite was his truffle bonbon, but what really impressed me was the perfection of his work! This was for me a great motivation for even harder work from my side! I was glad to see that Cacao Barry organises courses and I am looking forward to attend some of them.
I was also very fascinated when I joined a little group to experience the Intinero. Cacao Barry has a great range of products which allows you to choose for every type of pastry you decide to do the right type of chocolate and Intinero is a great way to find the right product step by step. It’s like a map of flavours. An application that can help you a lot in creating new combinations or just to play around with your imagination.

I could sadly just play with my imagination looking at the judges when they were tasting the chocolate masters’ spotless creations – I imagine flavours were divine! At the event I also met Robert Harrison (UK and Irish sales director) who was answering my questions with a great kindness. I would like to say thank to Cacao Barry for the invitation and I hope next time I can be part of it again.”  Gabriella Fogarasi, head pastry chef Canvas @ Chelsea, London.

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