Bellinda: Forest Honey - Bolivian Rose Salt Praline by Andreas Acherer

Inspiration for this indulgent praline were Andreas’ two daughters Isabell and Linda (Bellinda) - sweet as honey and beautiful as a rose. Enjoy the recipe!

Praline by Andreas Acherer

400g Forest Honey
255g Cream
35g Glucose
10g Inverted Sugar
2g Bolivian Rose Salt

Bring all the ingredients to the boil.

255g Cacao Barry Elysee 36%
255g Cacao Barry Or Noir "Ame Soeur" by Acherer 71%

Pour the mixture over the chocolate 3 separate times. First of all mix it by hand, after that, take a pole blender and mix it until you get a homogenous consistency.

255g Butter
8g Bolivian Rose Salt

Keep on mixing. Temper the ganache. Pour it into a square mould and after setting cut into 2.5 x 2.5 cm squares.

Use Cacao Barry Or Noir "Ame Soeur" by Acherer 71% for enrobing and Bolivian Rose Salt for decoration.