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On 6 December, 7 chefs will compete against each other to win the prestigious title of Middle East Chocolate Master before competing in the World Chocolate Masters World Final.

Read all about their motivations, inspirations and challenges here!


London is already decorated for Christmas and the executive chef Jacopo Bruni from the London EDITION hotel is ready for Christmas too. He was so kind to share with us his Yule log from this year’s Christmas collection. Thank you Jacopo!


Two outstanding candidates, Tor Stubbe and Eero Paulamäki, faced each other for a second time in this competition...


Jacopo Bruni, the Executive Pastry Chef from the London EDITION hotel has moved to London from Italy to find new challenges. After he conquers London, he will be moving to Shanghai. Get to know his exciting story and a view of an Italian pastry chef in London on the pastry world in Britain.


Paul Kelly, the Cacao Barry Ambassador from Ireland, is sharing with us his version of salted caramel tart.


There are experiences we have the pleasure of having as a part of the chocolate industry. We taste some of the best desserts of our lives. We meet talented and famous chefs. We celebrate the creativity of chocolate as an art.


Paul Kelly, the Executive Pastry Chef and Cacao Barry Ambassador who is this month celebrating his 20th year at The Marrion hotel in Dublin where initially he planned to stay just for a short period, is sharing with us his passion for pastry, love for chocolate and gratitude for the great support he always had from the hotel team.


Barry Johnson, Chocolate Lecturer at The National Bakery School of London South Bank University, has won the UK & Ireland preselection for WCM. The jury was impressed by his high standards, explosive flavour combinations and well-thought-out designs. The chef’s unflinching attitude completely convinced the jury to send him to the World Chocolate Masters finals in Paris.


Ruth Hinks, one of the best British pastry chefs, the lady who was the best positioned British chef ever at WCM, created these beauties for Halloween, but they are, without these scary faces, perfect macarons for any autumnal day.


Today many of you celebrate Halloween, others, instead, see it only as a commercial event that came to Europe from the USA. The celebrations as we know them involve groups of children dressed in scary costumes roaming from house to house, anticipating a “trick-or-treat” in the form of chocolates and sweets and a little bigger “children” attending costumed parties. But where does Halloween really originate from?


Empowering a new generation of cocoa pioneers. The Cocoa of Excellence program is the entry point for cocoa-producers to participate in the International Cocoa Awards, ...





From October 31 to November 2, the Salon du Chocolat Paris 2018 will host the World Final of the World Chocolate Masters...


Jen Philippe D’Hont, « alias Cookcoeur », is an artistic director. He was born into a family..


​​Creativity moves us.
It stirs something deep within.
When we innovate and invent - we progress
Turning moments of inspiration
Into traditions that last generations..


White miso, blue cheese , candied pineapple, dehydrated soy sauce cubes, pure hazelnut paste… 

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