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Shoes, Pastry, Creativity. Discover soon the first interview at our CacaoBarryLab on CacaoCollective, stay tuned!


His career started in Italy, where he was born. There, Fabrizio Fiorani was working with some of the greatest Italian chefs at the most prestigious establishments. Then he moved to Tokyo and is now taking care of the sweet delights at the Bulgari Il Ristorante Luca Fantin in Tokyo, along side the very inspiring executive chef Luca Fantin. His story is a story of two very strong food cultures.


At the UK & Ireland competition for the WCM Sarah Frankland won first place in the ‘snack on the go’ category and reached second place in the entire competition. She is sharing with us her winning recipe and her impressions after the UK & Ireland WCM competition.


Discover Vianney Bellanger Christmas log : Le Carrousel ! 


#UnboxCreativity and explore new aromatic creative pairings with our Zéphyr 34% white chocolate.


On Monday this week six super talented pastry chefs and chocolatiers showed their skills and creativity at the UK & Ireland preselections for the WCM. 


“It was a big challenge to get everything ready in time! I had about 8 weeks to build up everything from scratch: the concept, designs, testing, fine-tuning… Luckily, I’m rather immune to stress and I don’t get scared off easily.”


“Being able to filter out ideas and opinions that are not suitable and pick the appropriate ones is crucial. This applies in my life as a chef and as many other roles.”


As I always tell my students: “Whether you work at a shop or restaurant, every day is a competition. Every creation must be delivered perfectly to the client.” Students often fear exams, while in fact every day is a test.


“I’ve always had a drive to go out and achieve things. It’s like jumping out of a plane with a parachute, it gives me that rush.”


On 12 October, 3 chefs will compete against each other to win the prestigious title of Singaporean Chocolate Master before competing in the World Chocolate Masters World Final. Read all about their motivations, inspirations and challenges here!


Interviews with Japanese candidates Masanori Hata, Tatsuyu Hirazawa, Akihiro Kakimoto, Kazuhiro Nakayama, Daichi Takara, Jiro Tanaka, Toshikazu Tanaka, Reisuke Tsuda and Kentarou Yamamoto.


While this year’s competitors of the UK & Ireland WCM are getting ready for the national competition which will happen on Monday, we had a chat with the competitors from previous years. Two winners - Ruth Hinks and Alistair Birt, have already shared their experience with us. Let’s see what other contestants from the last competition had to say.


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Acquire full knowledge on cocoa and its delicate, complex transformation into fine chocolate flavours..


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