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Throughout this month discover the "Honey X Chocolate" creative bulletin on CacaoCollective.


This Chocolate Cherry Recovery Drink provides the perfect combination of flavor and nutrition after participating in the Ironman competition.


During the run portion of the race, tolerance is greatly affected by the physical jostling of the stomach. Therefore, any calories consumed should be mainly from carbohydrate
with only very small amounts of fat and protein (ideally none at all).


Forever Chocolate


We all scream for ice-cream!


This "Chocolate Energy Bar" provides not only a nice mouthful and chocolaty goodness, but also a great combination of calories, coming mainly from carbohydrate (a variety of sources: honey, oats, chocolate, agave syrup), with only a small amount of fat and protein.


"Coffee macerated Zéphyr™ Caramel bar" by our Global Creative Director Ramon Morato.


Discover Guillaume Mabilleau, MOF


This pre-race snack provides all three of those nutrients in the right combination when eating 1-1 ½ hours prior to race start.


Throughout this month discover his "Sports nutrition" creative bulletin on CacaoCollective.


We'd like to share our love for Benoit Castel from France.


Discover how Matteo Zanardi, Chef of Ai beati Restaurant, has created his own signature chocolate.


At the end of June, Chef Yann Couvreur taught a masterclass at the Chicago Chocolate Academy Center. Students has the opportunity to see him create many of his famous pastries à la minute. He even celebrated his birthday while here in Chicago - we had fox balloons and birthday cake galore! 


We'd like to share our love for Dominique Fortin from Montreal, Canada.


Meet Philippe Marand, Cacao Barry Chef and teacher at the Chocolate Academy in Dubaï

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