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By harnessing the power of the collective, CacaoCollective aims to elevate the knowledge, creativity, sense of belonging and success of chefs.


Re-discover Lactée Supérieure, our 38% milk couverture chocolate, part of the Pureté collection.


Let's embark with us on a journey to Doninican Republic where the Rizek family has been leading the way for the production of the finest organic cacao beans since 1905..


Cacao Barry values rich and deep flavors by championing origin cacao.



"Rich" would be the most common word used to describe a Chocolate Moelleux.


How do the desserts at the two Michelin starred Ocean look and taste like? Fabulous! Marcio Baltazar, one of the best Portuguese pastry chefs, the head pastry chef of the two Michelin starred Ocean in Algarve, is sharing one of his signature recipes.


Gabriele Leo from The Ned is sharing with us a recipe for the indulgent exotic chocolate trio - a perfect recipe for all the chocolate lovers.


Crunchiness is a delicate art. It helps create deep sensorial experiences if handled properly.


“2018 will be a very busy year for me  - there are so many projects I am involved in and I am sure it will be an exciting year full of creativity.  I want to wish a great 2018 and all  best for all the friends of Cacao Collective.

At the same time I am sharing with you the recipe of the dessert inspired by the new Rare chocolate Esmeralda from Cacao Barry. For this we have created a silicone mold in the form of stone.”

Ramon Morato


“The year 2017 has been for me a year of a great personal growth. I finished my London adventure, full of satisfactions, and on a personal level with my marriage. In February 2018 I am moving to Shanghai, still working for the same hotel group - at EDITION Shanghai, which is part of Marriott’s Ritz Carlton, again in collaboration with Jason Atherton. I couldn’t be happier.
For me the most important desserts of this year were our red velvet (created for the Shanghai EDITION hotel as the signature dessert), Alaska and chocolate panettone. I love panettone - it is like a Christmas tree for me.
To all of you I am wishing a happy 2018 and best of luck! I am happy to share with you my red velvet.”

Jacopo Bruni


In our last interview with Juan Pablo Colubri, talking about Christmas, Juan told us that one of the most beloved ingredients in the pastry in the United States is mint in combination with chocolate. Today he is sharing with us the recipe for his take on this classic flavour combination, quite popular also between the British people.


"Magic Snowball" : Zéphyr™ Mastiha Ganache, blackcurrant and lemon coulis, roasted almonds financier..


Cream spread with spices and Zéphyr™ Caramel" made with spicy biscuit, cara crakine™ & Zéphyr caramel.


Countdown to Christmas started and so we are asking the chefs to share with us their Christmas recipes and thoughts. This week is sharing her version of the Buche du Noel Heather Kaniuk, the execurive pastry chef from Shangri-La at The Shard. Enjoy!


Davide Comaschi, the director of the Cacao Barry Chocolate Academy in Milan and World Chocolate Master, is sharing with us one of his favourite Christmas recipes. We hope it inspires you!


London is already decorated for Christmas and the executive chef Jacopo Bruni from the London EDITION hotel is ready for Christmas too. He was so kind to share with us his Yule log from this year’s Christmas collection. Thank you Jacopo!

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