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To know chocolate, explore new creative concepts and truly unlock its full potential, Chefs are eager to collaborate and exchange their expertise and ideas. More than a platform, CacaoCollective is a community.

By harnessing the power of the collective, CacaoCollective aims to elevate the knowledge, creativity, sense of belonging and success of chefs.


Discover the result of the collaboration between the Canadian sommelier and world champion François Chartier and the creative team of Cacao Barry.


The Cacao Collective event organised by Cacao Barry in London.


#UnboxCreativity and explore new aromatic creative pairings with our Zéphyr 34% white chocolate.


The molecular DNA of the aromatic profile for this strong Peruvian chocolate is rich in multiple aromatic markers, some of which are dominant. 


Francois Chartier and Andres Lara were in Tokyo for CacaoCollective event to present the science of flavor pairing and inspirational recipes based on its concept.


The scientific reason behind the harmony between wine and food is explained, as is understanding the creation and success of thousands of recipes that are indeed the culinary heritage of the world. Furthermore, it opens up new possibilities in the area of culinary creativity.


Canadian François Chartier “Créateur d'harmonies” is regarded internationally as one of the pioneering researchers in terms of recipe creation and wine and food harmonies.