Ganache-based mousse

Ganache-based mousse

The main characteristic of this mousse is it is creamy, contains relatively little air and is rich in chocolate. Since it doesn't contain crème anglaise or pâte à bombe, it has a very direct chocolate flavour.

Basic recipe

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Preparation: Basic recipe

1. Boil the whipping cream and milk together. Infuse with the vanilla pod.
2. Pour the liquid gradually onto the couverture and emulsify until homogeneous.
3. Check the temperature of the emulsion. It must be around 40/45°C. Finally, fold in the whipped cream.

The final temperature of this mousse should be around 22 to 28°C. 


This mousse is very versatile. It can be used for a range of desserts. The final texture —semi-liquid— means it can be assembled using ladles. It has good stability when refrigerated. It is recommended for use in desserts that will be glazed. It is a good option as a recipe for people with egg allergies.