Chocolate Biscuit

Used products: Chocolate Biscuit

Preparation: Chocolate Biscuit

Whip egg white and crystal sugar. Boil whole milk, virgin hazelnut oil and Cacao Barry chocoalte. Pour over TPT hazelnut and Cacao Barry Plein Arôme chocolate. Add egg yolk. Progressively add eggs. Incorporate the meringue, spread the biscuit to 8mm thick, bake 9 min at 180°C. When taking out of the over, put upside down over a sheet.

Ganache Saint-Domingue

Used products: Ganache Saint-Domingue

Preparation: Ganache Saint-Domingue

Bring cream, unsweetened condensed milk, glucose DE60 and sorbitol powder to a boil. Pour over Cacao Barry chocolate. Add dry butter 82% and hazelnut oil.  Mix to obtain a homogeneous consistency, spread over the previously soaked biscuit.

Hazelnut chips caramel

Used products: Hazelnut chips caramel

Preparation: Hazelnut chips caramel

Caramelise crystal sugar. Boil cream, glucose, fleur de sel and Taha vanilla. De-cook using the boiled cream, cook at 110°C. Quickly bring to cool down. At 50°C, mix in dry butter cocoa butter, hazelnut paste and chopped hazelnuts. Mould into tube of 2,2cm, freeze, place onto the ganache and roll together, put in the fridge.

Chocolate Icing

Used products: Chocolate Icing

Preparation: Chocolate Icing

Melt compound coating with Cacao Barry chocolate. Blend in hazelnut oil. Melt together cocoa butter and Cacao Barry Power FLower. Ice the cake at 8°C using the icing at 38°C, then spray the cake. Present on the rectangular plate. Put the second one into the presentation box.