Le vent

Le vent

Recipe for 40 bonbons

Raspberry lime confit

Used products: Raspberry lime confit

  • 460 g
    raspberry puree
  • 250 g
    caster sugar
  • 1 g
    Vanilla pod
  • 50 g
    glucose syrup DE 40
  • 6 g
    yellow pectin
  • 1 g
    lime peel

Preparation: Raspberry lime confit

Heat raspberry puree, caster sugar, vanilla pod and glucose syrup DE40. Add and mix in yellow pectin. Cook lime peel until 76°C. Let it cool and keep it in cooler.

Coffee Whipped Ganache

Used products: Coffee Whipped Ganache

Preparation: Coffee Whipped Ganache

Infuse milk and ground coffee with tonka bean. Caramelise sugar and sorbitol. Heat strained coffee infusion and add into cream. Mix butter, lecithin and fleur de sel into caramel. Add cacao barry chocolates. Emulsify with a hand mixer, let it cool until use.