Chocolate Steamed Bun

Chocolate Steamed Bun

Recipe for 30 snacks


Used products: Buns

  • 380 g
  • 95 g
  • 28,5 g
    fresh yeast
  • 725 g
  • 27 g
  • 9,5 g
    baking powder
  • 6,25 g

Preparation: Buns

Mix water, sugar and yeast. Mix flour, Cacao Barry - Plein Arôme 100%, baking powder and salt. Make a dough like a bread dough. Let it rest in a heat box on 38˚C for 30 minutes with a warm, wet cloth. Weigh 40 g per snack. Fold in the chocolate coconut filling. Let it rest for 30 minutes in a heat box on 38˚C. Steam for 5 minutes.

Coconut Tanzanie Filling

Used products: Coconut Tanzanie Filling

Preparation: Coconut Tanzanie Filling

Heat the coconut milk, kaffir lime zest and ginger. Mix Cacao Barry - Equateur 76 % with grated coconut. Make a ganache of the coconut milk and chocolate. Add the grated coconut. Let cool down. Weigh 15 g per snack.

Raspberry jelly

Used products: Raspberry jelly

  • 300 g
    raspberry puree
  • 200 g
    strawberry puree
  • 1/2
    mandarin zest
  • 30 g
    Ultratex 3

Preparation: Raspberry jelly

Mix raspberry puree, strawberry puree and mandarin in the thermomix. Add the ultratex in 2 times to the puree. Mix till an homogeneous mass. Let it cool down.

Lemon, green apple jelly

Used products: Lemon, green apple jelly

  • 300 g
    lemon puree
  • 200 g
    green apple puree
  • 1
    Vanilla pod
  • 40 g
    Ultratex 3

Preparation: Lemon, green apple jelly

Mix lemon puree, green apple puree and vanila pod in the thermomix. Add the ultratex in 3 times to the puree. Mix till an homogeneous mass.

Chocolate praline disk

Used products: Chocolate praline disk

Preparation: Chocolate praline disk

Cristalise the Cacao Barry - OcoaTM 70 %. Weight 300 g per plactic sheet of 40x60 cm. Spread as thin as possible. Let set a bit and cut out circles. Cool. Get the circles of the

Raspberry gel

Used products: Raspberry gel

  • 1,5 g
  • 45 g
  • 2 g
  • 0,1 g
    scarlet powder
  • 200 g
    raspberry puree
  • 21 g
  • 5 g
    yuzu juice

Preparation: Raspberry gel

Heat te puree, glucose and yuzu juice. Add the dry ingredients and cook for 1 minute on low heat. Spread it out on a tray. Cut out round disks. Place on top of the buns as isolation for the diks