Hazelnut Exotic Entremet

Hazelnut Exotic Entremet


Hazelnut Crumble

Used products: Hazelnut Crumble

  • 35 g
  • 42 g
    hazelnut flour
  • 35 g
    All purpose flour
  • 35 g
    Soft dark brown sugar
  • .8 g

Preparation: Hazelnut Crumble

1. Mix everything together with a paddle

2. Crumble through a cooling rack

3. Freeze

4. Bake at 150C for 20 min

Note: 540g yields 360g after baking

Hazelnut Crunchy

Used products: Hazelnut Crunchy

Preparation: Hazelnut Crunchy

1. Melt the first group of ingredients

2. Add the nut pastes

3. Fold in the crumble and feuilletine

4. Cast in a 4.5mm frame, 675g per frame

5. Cut 130mm disks

Hazelnut Sponge

Used products: Hazelnut Sponge

  • 34 g
    hazelnut flour
  • 56 g
    All purpose flour
  • 3 g
    Baking powder

Preparation: Hazelnut Sponge

1. Sift the first group of ingredients

2. Whip the eggs and sugars until half whipped

3. Add the cream and hazelnut paste

4. Fold in the dries

5. Cast 390g per half sheet flexi

6. Bake at 170C, vent closed, for 6 min

7. Cut 130mm disks

Hazelnut Onctueux

Used products: Hazelnut Onctueux

  • 39 g
  • 39 g
  • 17 g
    inverted sugar
  • 10 g
    glucose DE 40
  • .2 g
    vanilla bean

Preparation: Hazelnut Onctueux

1. Heat the first group of ingredients to 45C

2. Add the melted gelatin mass

3. Make an emulsion with the hazelnut paste

4. Burr mix

5. Cool until pipeable consistancy

6. Pipe onto 1 of the disks of Hazelnut Biscuit, and freeze

Exotic Compote

Used products: Exotic Compote

  • 402 g
    ripe bananas
  • 201 g
    mango puree
  • 201 g
    passion fruit puree
  • 78 g
    glucose DE 40
  • 7 g
    vanilla bean

Preparation: Exotic Compote

1. Heat the first group of ingredients to 40C

2. Add the sugar and pectin mixed together

3. Bring to boil

4. Cast 975g per half sheet flexi

5. Freeze

6. Cut 130mm disks

Note: 1000g yields 975 after cooking

If using 120mm insert instead of frame, cast 115g per cavity

Hazelnut Mousse

Used products: Hazelnut Mousse

  • 158 g
    cream (whipped 2/3)

Preparation: Hazelnut Mousse

1. Semi-whip the cream

2. Heat the milk and melted gelatin mass to 40C

3. Melt the chocolate and add the hazelnut paste

4. Add the milk in 3 increments , and emulsify

5. Burr mix

6. Cool to 30-35C

7. Fold with the whipped cream

Dark Chocolate Glaze

Used products: Dark Chocolate Glaze

  • 297 g
    Whole milk
  • 118 g
    glucose DE 40

Preparation: Dark Chocolate Glaze

1. Boil the milk and glucose

2. Pour over the remaining ingredients

3. Burr mix

4. Refrigerate overnight

5. Use at 34C

Final Assembly

From top to bottom:

Dark Chocolate Glaze

Hazelnut Mousse

Hazelnut Onctueux

Hazelnut Sponge

Hazelnut Mousse

Exotic Compote

Hazelnut Sponge

Hazelnut Crunchy